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Peter Fedichev

Gero LLC PTE, Singapore

Title: Aging clocks, entropy, maximum human lifespan, and the challenge of age-reversal


Bhaweshwar Singh

L.N.Mithila University, India

Title: Senile Health Optimisation: A Global Challenge

Michael Lim Ming Soon

Prime Genesis Pte. Ltd. Singapore

Title: Stem cells technology: The Dawn of Hope for Incurable Diseases

Yedong Huang

Fujian Medical University, China

Title: Causal Effect of Gut Microbiota on DNA Methylation Phenotypic Age Acceleration: A Two-Sample Mendelian Randomization Study

Jason C. Mercurio

Ageless Partners, United States

Title: Multi-Step Rejuvenation Protocol

Georgios Mitrou

AIMIS HealthCare Group-GEORGIOS MITROU DLC Longevity BioWellness LAB, Greece

Title: Diabetes and Ageing


Aubrey de Grey

LEV Foundation, USA

Title: Rejuvenation Biotechnology: progressing from indoiviodual repair therapies to combinations

Ben Meyers

LongeviQuest, United States

Title: Learning All We Can From Supercentenarians

Ryan A. McNally

University of California Irvine, USA

Title: Disrupting Medical Care with Longevity Medicine

Lucija Sironic

GlycanAge, Croatia

Title: Glycans as biomarkers and functional effectors of ageing and disease

Louis Dischler

Independent Scholar, United States

Title: Rapid Reversal of Aging and Diseases of Aging

Thomas Weldon

Founder and CEO at Ponce De Leon Health, USA

Title: Reversing Biologic Age With Rejuvant

Michael Suswal

Co-founder and COO, Generation Lab, USA

Title: “Using DNA Methylation & Biological Noise to Regenerate Cells and Usher in Medicine 3.0”

A. Christopher Wikman

Biometrics for Healthy Aging, USA

Title: “How Younging Are You?” - Tracking and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Anti-Aging Interventions

Lucia Hue Fontaine

LHF CARE/ human regenerator

Title: Human regenerator : the health symphony

Alina Rui Su

Co-founder and CEO, Generation Lab, USA

Title: “Using DNA Methylation & Biological Noise to Regenerate Cells and Usher in Medicine 3.0”

Danielle Baker

Telomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,USA

Title: TELOMIR-1 Induces Telomere Extensions in Primary Human Cell Strains

Jesse Morse

The Osteopathic Center, United States

Title: The Role of Peptides in Anti-Aging

Ingemar Patrick Linden

Author and Adjunct Professor at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, USA

Title: The Ethics of Radical Life Extension and How to Change Attitudes

Jessyka Bram


Title: LongeTalks and intergenerational relationships: building a functional business model

Silvia Triboni

Silvia Triboni Produções

Title: Centenarian Expedition - What can we learn from Blue Zones ?

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