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Silvia Triboni

Stop Idadismo Association, Portugal


Brazilian and Italian citzen, Silvia Triboni, is Journalist and Lecturer in the area of Active and Healthy Longevity. She is a lawyer with an MBA in Public Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, São Paulo, Brazil. Graduated in Sustainability and Human Responsibility from the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Silvia is an activist against ageism, she is part of the StopIdadismo Movement in Portugal. An entrepreneur, she is part of the international network Aging2.0 in Lisbon, having internationalized the Brazilian course Repórter 60+, and trained reporters aged 60 or over from various regions of Portugal.

Founder of the Centenarian project, which aims to explore cities with a high rate of healthy, long-lived inhabitants, or with innovative and positive practices for the good aging of citizens, in order to disseminate them to the world. Two of the five Blue Zones, Sardinia (Italy) and Ikaria (Greece), were already visited, having interviewed the co-founder of these regions, Professor Gianni Pes.

International correspondent to:

. Human responsibility and development of active and healthy aging;

. The examples of the Blue Zones for a long and healthy life;

. Issues in the Economy Longevity, and

. Benefits of tourism for good aging. 

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