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Lucia Hue Fontaine

LHF CARE/ human regenerator


Dr. Hue Fontaine Lucia is a physician, researcher, and educator specializing in endocrinology and metabolic disorders. With a passion for holistic healthcare and a commitment to advancing medical knowledge, Dr. Lucia has made significant contributions to the field through her clinical expertise, academic pursuits, and humanitarian efforts.

After completing her medical degree in Normandy meanwhile a master in physiology. Dr. Lucia pursued extensive fellowship training in Endocrinology and Metabolism in Lyon, France. Throughout her career, has obtained additional certifications in laser, ultrasound, and endocrine tumor management, with a fellowship in radio-oncology at Kinghorn cancer Institute in Sydney. She expanded her practice with Laser and esthetic medicine to offer the best therapeutic options to her patients.

In addition to her medical expertise, Dr. Lucia is a certified yoga teacher and integrates principles of holistic wellness into her practice, promoting physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing for her patients. She is also a renowned expert in aesthetic medicine with a focus on longevity, utilizing cuttingedge techniques to enhance natural beauty and promote healthy aging. She is also a sought-after international speaker, sharing her expertise at conferences and symposiums around the world ( workshop in Australia, speaker for IMCAS and AMWC).

Dr. Lucia is deeply committed to addressing metabolic diseases in underserved communities, particularly in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. She has led medical missions to these areas, providing essential care and education to populations facing significant metabolic health challenges.

Dr. Lucia is still enriching her understanding of the underlying mechanisms of endocrine disorders and metabolic dysregulation and passionate either on innovative medicine and bio hacking or deep understanding of mental health including mindfulness techniques. She is always keen on connecting with practitioners from all around the world to share and discuss new perspective on health optimization.

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