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Jesse Morse

The Osteopathic Center, United States


Dr. Jesse Morse is board-certified in family and sports medicine that specializes in injuries and musculoskeletal pain. He uses a combination of traditional orthopedic medicine with regenerative medicine to provide an all-inclusive approach to injuries. Rather than providing a temporary solution, Dr. Morse identifies the root of the pain, and designs a treatment plan to comprehensively correct the cause and provide a solution.

A former team physician, Dr. Morse approaches medicine in an appropriately aggressive yet preventative fashion, custom-designing treatment plans that treat the current injury, preventing the injury from worsening as well as new compensatory injuries from developing. An athlete himself, Dr. Morse treats all different types of patients, ranging from weekend warriors to professional athletes. He understands the comprehensive approach it takes to get the patient back happy and healthy.

Dr. Morse is a newcomer to the Integrative Medicine scene, but is a fast learner. He believes that the majority of the diseases and illnesses humans develop have to do with weakened immune systems and various toxins that we have come into contact with. His goal is to identify what is causing your body to underperform, generate fatigue or pain, and help correct it. Dr. Morse has an interest in anti-aging / longevity medicine, fantasy football, and is always looking for different research-backed ways to optimize our health. 

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