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Caterina A. Zaiontz

IES c/o Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy


Dr. Caterina Ambrosi PhD is a Senior Lecturer of Psychopathology specializing in the instruction of the Bio-Psycho-Social Model and also of Transcultural Psychology at IES c/o UniversitàCattolicadelSacroCuore, Milan Italy. She is also a Professor of Transcultural Psychotherapy at the postgraduate school of specialization Gruppo per le RelazioniTransculturali in Milan Italy, recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research. She was formerly a Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at University College London (UK) and is fully licensed with the Italian and British Psychological Societies and a Member of the Lecturer and Researchers Division of BPS. Her areas of interest and research include; Adjustment Disorder and Stress-related Disorders and their sequelae in multicultural patient populations and non-pharmacological rehabilitative interventions in the aging population. She has been researching and implementing the effectiveness of Animal Assisted Therapy as a rehabilitative approach in the geriatric sector with special emphasis on Depression, Illness Perception and Cognitive Deterioration in institutionalized elderly. She is currently researching the impact of Animal Assisted Interventions in the adult and aging populations with congenital cerebral diseases and Disorders of the Autistic Spectrum as well as in the Units for Near-Threshold of Consciousness and Persistent Vegetative States at NHS, accredited long-term geriatric care facilities in Lombardy Italy.

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