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Health behaviour was measured using the health-Related Behaviour Questionnaire. This tool measures the health behaviours of people aged 60 and above according to one overall score for health behaviour, together with separate scores for five behavioural categories:

I.Positive attitude towards life – activities strengthening mental health and positive emotionality, such as calmly expressing emotions, or avoiding stressful situations 
II.Behaviour associated with physical health – Behaviours related to the somatic aspect of health, such as maintaining a proper diet, avoiding spending excessive time in front of the television and computer, avoiding being surrounded by smokers
III.Attention to mental health – behaviour aimed at improving intellectual functioning, such as reading books, broadening knowledge, or acquiring new skills. 
IV.Behaviour related to prevention and treatment – treatment-related behaviours and illness avoidance, such as following medical recommendations, reporting symptoms to a doctor and health information retrieval.
V.Environmental behaviour – behaviour relating to the domain of public health, including environmental protection, such as conserving water and electricity for the sake of the environment and considering the impact of the products purchased on the environment.

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